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Wild Connections


We save Central Colorado’s wild places by defending wildlands that provide refuge for wildlife and biodiversity as the climate changes. We influence decision-making about public lands bringing protection to hundreds of thousands of acres. We ensure that future generations can enjoy wildlife and natural wonders in our region. We lead hikes that teach about our public lands and how everyone can protect those lands.


We defend biodiversity and roadless areas. Public lands are threatened by climate change and activities that harm the land, water, and native species. We work to reduce those threats and to connect citizens to special wild places through hikes, restoration projects, and political action. Our volunteers improve habitat and close illegal motorized routes so that wildlife can thrive in quiet reconnected places.


You can help by speaking up to public officials in defense of wildlands. You can provide money, or serve as a volunteer for habitat restoration projects, videography, or to help raise funds.

Did You Know

The Pike-San Isabel National Forest spans over 2.2 million acres. Wild Connections is reviewing a new management plan that regulates vehicular travel there.

“...just holding fast to my simple perspective that every inch of wilderness must be preserved because of its intrinsic worth—every tree and tweety bird inherently more valuable than another paved road, tract house or outlet mall. Period.” — Lee, nature lover, volunteer, teacher, author

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