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We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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Wild Blue Cats!


At Wild Blue Cats! we strive to help animals as they help us. We strongly believe in the human-animal connection and we work hard to ensure our volunteers, fosters, and adopters gain positive and healing experiences while working with or living with our animals, who in turn, need good people to heal, trust and love again.


Our programs and our kitties have helped autistic children, bullied and un-confident teens, and lonely seniors enhance their lives. These same people snuggle a cold and starved kitten, reach out to a scared and injured cat, and give homes to many of the homeless ones. In so many ways, it is our continuous goal to save precious lives.


We want to purchase specialized equipment like an X-ray, so our veterinarian volunteers can perform in house surgeries for cats/kittens we rescue and assist lower income families’ cats needs

Did You Know

Last year, despite COVID, we saved 963 cats and kittens. We were able to trap, neuter and return 621 cats and kittens. Each year we increase our lifesaving by 100

“I just love my Luna so much! We are so happy we adopted her. She fits into our family perfectly. She’s so sweet, she follows me around the house all day chirping. If anyone is crying she comes running over to try save the day!” — Vicky Collins

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