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Westside CARES


Westside CARES is neighbors helping neighbors. WSC prevents homelessness by providing assistance with food, clothing, laundry, healthcare, ID cards, mail, utilities, or rent; and it supports people experiencing homelessness in achieving housing, work, and health goals. Each year the nearly 22,000 neighbors we serve can rely on a safe space, where everyone is valued, to access the services they need to find home, health, and hope.


Westside CARES never gives up on its neighbors, because we know that community is vital for transformation. We engage relationships to leverage both preventative and remedial programs, and design solutions that meet a neighbor’s specific needs, amplifying key programs to meet emerging needs. We meet neighbors where they are, as they are, and support them as they achieve their own goals for home, health, and hope.


Non-perishable food for our six food pantries; bottled water; diaper wipes; gloves; new men’s/women’s underwear for our clothing closet; community clean-up volunteers.

Did You Know

90% of Westside CARES neighbors have income that does not keep up with the basic cost of living in the region – especially in times when inflation is so high.

“WSC truly cares about helping when a family is in crisis. I was very nervous, uncomfortable, having to ask for help, they made me feel comfortable right away with their kindness and compassion and I received the assistance I desperately needed.” — Westside CARES Neighbor who used our services in 2021

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