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Two Mile High Club


The Two Mile High Club provides all veterinarian care, food and water needs, and upkeep of the barn and shelter used in the winter months. The Club relies 100% on donations, sponsorships, and grants to provide all of the care. We are 100% volunteer based and do not receive any state or city funding. Raising money is critical for our cause so we also hold two annual fundraisers.


The Donkeys of the Pikes Peak Region made their historic contribution as “beasts of burden”. They were used as labor to build the Ute Pass, Pikes Peak Highway, and worked in underground gold mines in Cripple Creek. Our goal is to share that history and continue to have visitors meet these gentle creatures while visiting in Cripple Creek. They made a significant contribution in the State of Colorado.


We do not have a hay barn and can save money by buying hay in bulk deliveries. We need a new shelter barn for the herd so we can convert the current shelter in to a hay storage barn.

Did You Know

When the donkeys were turned out to fend for themselves when the gold mines closed, the Two Mile High Club was formed in 1931 to ensure they were taken care of.

“I'd like to thank the Two Mile High Club for all you do for the donkeys! My son is disabled and in a wheelchair, and during the 3 month shutdown, we took the drive from Woodland Park to see the donkeys, and spoiled them with apples and carrots.” — Sue - Facebook follower and post on our page.

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