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Tri-Lakes Cares


As the only comprehensive human services organization and food pantry providing services to economically disadvantaged households in northern El Paso County, we provide emergency, relief, and self-sufficiency programs to those in need. We help resolve difficult choices between paying rent, putting food on the table or getting a needed prescription.


Each day individuals, senior citizens, and families in need face impossible choices– feed the children or get the car repaired? Risk eviction or live without heat and light? These are the difficult choices facing economically disadvantaged households in an affluent area with a high cost of living. Tri-Lakes Cares is their safety-net and source of hope and compassion, helping to provide solutions to those difficult choices.


Services such as photography and videography, as well as gardening expertise. Items such as shelving for pantry, freezer, refrigerator, non-perishable food, hygiene items and household cleaning products for pantry.

Did You Know

Due to rising vehicle repair costs, last year Tri-Lakes Cares provided $19,250 in financial assistance for vehicle repair costs, more than double in the previous year.

“Unlike previous experiences at another food pantry, Tri-Lakes Cares is different. Compassion is delivered along with the food. No shaming, no meanness. Just peace, calm and genuine help– a need being met.” — Anonymous client who received groceries in 2021.

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