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We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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Trails and Open Space Coalition


Trails, parks and open space define our region. We are your eyes, ears and voice making sure your desire for more miles of trails, more acres of public open space and completed parks become a reality. Our tools are Advocacy and Stewardship. We support Friends Groups and champion the creation of new ones because cherished public assets must be maintained. Our Trail Ambassador program serves users and the resources.


You could live somewhere else, but you don’t. You too love our hundreds of miles of trails and proximity to wilderness. We are mindful of our rapid growth, an increase in tourism and dwindling public dollars to take care of parks and trails, No other group has remained committed to preserving and expanding our shared public spaces that brought all of us here and keep us here.


We need volunteers for our Trail Ambassador Program to improve the experience of new trail users and help protect our trails and open spaces.

Did You Know

Did You Know that COS has the lowest TOPS tax along the front range? TOSC is leading the effort to take care of what we have and meet future needs.

“Ollie (my dog) and I really appreciate all that TOSC does for our great community and places we love to play. Our parks and open spaces really do improve health for people of all ages, making them truly a cornerstone of this amazing city.” — Stephen Martin

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