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Trails and Open Space Coalition


Do our trails, parks and open spaces matter to you? We are your local advocates, serving as your voice for the preservation of open spaces, the expansion and connection of trails, for improved parks and for adequate funding to meet the needs of our growing region.


Just like you, we chose this region for its beauty, proximity to nature and amazing trails. For three decades, TOSC has advocated for the preservation, construction and maintenance of some of our area’s favorite parks, trails and open spaces. Now, more than ever, TOSC’s role is critical in ensuring our outdoor needs are met for our growing community. Among our priorities – TOPS extension and expansion.


Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) champions who will join us as we fight to keep the TOPS program healthy today and for the future.

Did You Know

Did you know Red Rock Open Space was almost a golf course with condominiums? TOSC’s fierce advocacy efforts plus TOPS funding saved the popular open space.

“"TOPS" is one of my proudest victories but I'm so grateful to TOSC for all THEY'VE done to secure new Open Space purchases, critical trail development and keeping our regional and neighborhood parks vibrant. I can't think of a better NP to support!” — Richard Skorman - 4 Term Councilmember, Vice Mayor

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