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We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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The Thrive Network


THRIVE believes that entrepreneurship is the key to the long-term success of Southeast Colorado Springs. Economic Development creates jobs, generates revenues, and gives people a great place to live. THRIVE brings entrepreneurs together in a cohort environment to establish viable businesses. These businesses believe in community and have a social impact in Southeast Colorado Springs.


A city’s economic vitality is only as strong as its weakest link. This is the mission of THRIVE. This is the mission of our entire city. To train, mentor and provide access to capital to new entrepreneurs with the ideas, skills and passion to start anew. It is these people that will make our city be the diverse, beautiful economic hub that can once again drive dollars into our city.


THRIVE needs to be a self-sustaining organization. We need funding to continue our programs that teach people how to properly start their businesses so they don’t fail within the first 2 years.

Did You Know

Southeast Colorado Springs holds 42% of the poor children and 34% of all poor residents. It is home to the highest unemployed population. We create jobs.

“The Thrive Network has given me guidance, tools and lifelong friendships. From time blocking to development with Business Model Canvas and assistance with developing systems around my blind spots, THRIVE is a major reason for my success!! Thank you.” — Gregg R Sheldon, student

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