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Teller Senior Coalition


TSC provides transportation, nutrition support, respite for caregivers, and homemaking services. Case managers help seniors with their problems and find solutions. We call seniors to check on them and keep them safe by installing grab bars. We help with yard work, snow removal and minor home repairs. We assist with their heating needs. We hold senior activities, like bingo ,so they feel like they are part of the Community.


TSC serves as a lifeline for older adults in Teller County. Without our services, seniors may not get to their medical appointments, have enough food to eat, or live in unsafe or unclean homes. Caregivers would be overwhelmed caring for loved ones and seniors would have limited options for help with their financial or health issues.


Volunteer drivers. Volunteers to help seniors with tasks around their home and food deliveries.

Did You Know

Many older adults in the Pikes Peak region live alone, isolated with limited income.

“My husband and I want to thank you so much for your kindness in helping us get through some difficult times right now.” — An elderly couple struggling with loss

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