Sustainable Educational Experience on The Shire at Old Ranch Sustainable Educational Experience on The Shire at Old Ranch - Give! Campaign

We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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Sustainable Educational Experience on The Shire at Old Ranch


Sustainable Educational Experience (SEE) seeks to empower children and adults of the Colorado Springs area to be household, community and environmental stewards through hands-on learning opportunities about food production and preservation, artisanship, ecosystems, and sustainable living. SEE connects people with one another and with the natural world through volunteering, education, and community events.


Our society faces challenges of maintaining abundant food and water, dependence on pollutive energy sources, and social deterioration. The pandemic has illuminated the importance of self sufficiency and community resilience in the face of great uncertainty. We can create and live in a sustainable future that surmounts these challenges through cultivating skills that reconnect people with the land and each other.


Employee salaries, converting of an existing residence to office/storage/event space, relocating and fencing the garden, interpretive signage for the garden.

Did You Know

63% of American adults take some action when they learn about environmental issues we currently face. (NEEF)

“Volunteering for SEE is a perfect fit for me; I have the opportunity to learn gardening tips while devoting time to a worthwhile cause in my community - plus taking home the harvest bounty is incredible! I am so grateful!” — Lee Larrew

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