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Space Foundation


Seeking curious children and adults of all ages! Space Foundation Discovery Center is a space and science educational epicenter for visitors and residents of the Pikes Peak region. Through a diverse offering of space-inspired exhibits and immersive programs and events, the Discovery Center enables visitors from all walks of life to engage and participate in the wonders of space.


Can you imagine the wonder in a child’s eye when they meet an astronaut? So many children dream of being a space explorer, only to lose sight of that dream. It’s our responsibility to inspire young people to see that space offers them many opportunities beyond taking flight. There’s a space for everyone in this world, and the time is now to embrace the possibilities that space offers. Space for you. Space for all.


Volunteers to serve as docents, lead tours, and work with student groups and visitors to Space Foundation Discovery Center.

Did You Know

74% of middle school girls are interested in STEM, but only .3% pursue it in college. Each year, Space Foundation educators spark a love for STEM in countless girls.

“Thanks to your teacher course I was finally able to buy a telescope. Because of it, 22 students got up at 5am and saw the rings of Saturn, 3 of Jupiter's moons, Venus and Mars. The "oohs and aahs" were amazing and I have Space Foundation to thank!” — Timshell Pheiffer, Space Foundation Teacher Liaison

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