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Southern Colorado Health Network


Southern Colorado Health Network (SCHN) provides supportive services to people living with HIV. SCHN supports our southern 25 counties to provide medical and oral healthcare, case management, behavioral health counseling, insurance enrollment, housing resources, emergency financial assistance, food bank, and prevention and harm reduction programs. Each support increases access to care and reduces transmission of HIV.


Infection with HIV does not mean a death sentence anymore. It has been scientifically proven that people living with HIV, who follow their medication regiment, cannot transmit the virus through sexual contact. Keeping people engaged in health care requires treating the whole person. SCHN’s services provide for clients’ basic needs so clients can care for themselves and those they love.


We will need volunteers to help with food baskets during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Did You Know

Of the approximate 1400 people living with HIV in our Southern Region in 2021, more than half (736 clients) were receiving services from SCHN.

“At first, I was just wondering if I can survive, I was not keen on checking out; now, it isn’t just about survival. We’re living our best lives. SCHN offers 360 degrees for the needs of clients. They’re there with love and support.” — Anonymous

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