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Safe Place for Pets


Safe Place for Pets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps people who are terminally ill by finding homes for their beloved pets. Founded 26 years ago by a group of hospice nurses, our army of volunteers place as many as 50 pets into new, loving homes each year. We provide TLC, medical and dental care to these pets, many of whom are leaving the only home they have ever known.


Our founders witnessed the heartache pets and people face when separated by terminal illness. Safe Place for Pet’s unique mission centers around a promise to place pets who are in transition into a safe and truly loving home so the terminally ill and their family can have peace of mind.


Many pets need medical and dental attention before they can be adopted. Also, Safe Place for Pets is in need of a new facility which will double or triple our rent.

Did You Know

100,000 – 500,000 pets are orphaned every year when their owners pass away or become too ill to care for their pets.

“The peace of mind I have knowing Safe Place will find the perfect family for my pet is so comforting.” — Madeline, a terminally ill pet owner

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