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Rock Ledge Ranch


Rock Ledge Ranch Historic site at Garden of the Gods is a diverse outdoor living history farm and museum. We make history come alive by engaging, inspiring, and educating guests with cultural and agricultural stories of the Pikes Peak region from the years 1775-1907. Annual events include our Harvest Festival, Pow Wow, Vintage Baseball Game, Holiday Tea, Family 4th of July, and Sheep Shearing Day.


Understanding history is essential to understanding ourselves, the world around us, and our place in time. Rock Ledge Ranch is an extraordinary historic site right in our midst that beautifully showcases the hard work and challenges our predecessors conquered to establish a thriving community. Rich experiences of walking the same trails, smelling farm-fresh air, and seeing how they lived cannot be gained from a book.


Rock Ledge Ranch is in need of marketing assistance for our teaching programs, i.e., a marketing specialist to help with social media, websites and other effective forms of reaching constituents.

Did You Know

During peak field trip season, over 1,000 children visit Rock Ledge Ranch each month, gaining valuable agricultural experience and historical knowledge.

“My daughter worked as a junior docent for two years at the Rock Ledge Ranch and learned how to communicate effectively in front of a group of people on a daily basis. She used this experience to excel in theater arts when she went on to college.” — Current board member of the Living History Association

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