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Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership


PPSPP serves our community in the effort to save lives! We provide suicide prevention services at NO COST to the participant. This includes free individual therapy, peer support, groups, Teen Mentors, Suicide Prevention Trainings and Postvention/Suicide Bereavement Services. PPSPP acts as a catalyst for collaboration by leading community efforts in suicide prevention locally and participating at a state level as well


Each year we lose community members to suicide. Each death by suicide has a negative impact on approximately 115 others. This means a large percentage of our community needs the support services provided by PPSPP. We strive to reduce barriers to accessing help and to create awareness through outreach to every sector of our community. We know that suicide has no prejudice.


We need more peer support volunteers and LOSS (LOCAL OUTREACH TO SUICIDE SURVIVORS) Team Volunteers, art supplies such as paints, markers, and brushes, & gift cards for speaker honorariums.

Did You Know

80% of individuals who are contemplating suicide communicate their intentions prior to acting, with intervention, only 5% of those individuals will die by suicide.

“I started attending PPSPP groups because they are free, and I have stayed because they have helped me through the toughest time of my life. I know these people care about me and that I have somewhere I belong. It helps me choose to live.” — Anonymous

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