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Pikes Peak Library District Foundation


Libraries, at their core, are about connecting people with resources in which they are in need. PPLD empowers community members, provides the opportunity to gain new skills, access a wealth of information and resources, while reducing barriers to access. Whether through books and databases or workforce development programs, these resources and opportunities change individual lives and build community.


PPLD is committed to meeting the community where it is and providing needed resources. During the pandemic, PPLD pivoted to provide virtual programs, curbside service, and expanded access to digital resources. Whether expanding WIFI and computer access, partnering with Public Health and Children’s Hospital on health education, learning new languages, or finding the perfect book or DVD, we help people achieve their goals.


PPLD needs volunteers for language and literacy instructors, school tutors, large flat-bed scanners, and commercial kitchen equipment to support our food service workforce development program.

Did You Know

PPLD was one of 60 libraries worldwide to reach 2+ million ebook and audio book checkouts in 2021 (2,504,503 checkouts), and PPLD has 290,000+ library card holders.

“The library has been a saving grace during the year of COVID. Your helpful staff, your books and CDs, and your wonderful yoga classes have saved my sanity and maybe even my life.” — Anonymous PPLD Patron

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