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Peaceful Warriors


The benefits of mindfulness, yoga and meditation should be accessible to all members of our diverse community. This is the goal of Peaceful Warriors. Humans embody all shapes, sizes and ages. Yoga is, accordingly, for all people. These practices yield lifelong benefits when the seeds are planted not only with children, but with the child that lives in all of us. May our efforts bring forth a resilient, peaceful community.


We believe in the power of yoga as it relates to mindfulness, breath work, focus and meditation. The right to learn and reap the benefits from these tools and skills belongs to everyone, whatever their size, age, ability to pay, etc.

All families need fun, healthy, affordable activities they can participate in together.
By providing these spaces, we wish to create and empower an emotionally and physically healthy community.


In need of generous donations of space for events, photographers for events, volunteers for events, a commercial printer for materials (workbooks, training manuals and books), yoga mats and props

Did You Know

1 in 5 US children struggles with anxiety (NIMH). Almost 50% experience one or more serious stressors (divorce, poverty, parent’s addiction).

“PW has supported Bear Creek programs for years. Their message that yoga is a practice for all people meshes with our effort to reach diverse populations. Family classes receive rave reviews. We're so grateful for Peaceful Warriors contributions.” — Molly Hamant, Interpretive Pgm Coord, Bear Creek

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