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We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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Parents Challenge


Parents Challenge was founded in 2000 to empower low-income parents in the Pikes Peak Region with the financial, informational, and personal resources they need to choose, and actively participate in, the option THEY think is best for their children—be it traditional public, private, charter public, or home.


Parents are their child’s 1st Teacher and empowering low-income parents with school choice will help close the achievement gap between the haves and the have-nots. Parents Challenge is dedicated to the belief that every child should have access to quality education, and all parents should be empowered and mentored to choose the schools THEY think are best for their children. We provide a hand up and not a hand-out to families.


We need community partners to provide information and resources to help us equip parents to become better education consumers.

Did You Know

Parents Challenge students’ overall proficiency rates are 88.5%, compared to their counterpart rates which range from 23% to 47%. They outperform their peers.

“I enjoy the encouragement I receive from Parents Challenge to keep advocating for my child. It helps to know that little investments along the way can pay huge dividends, in terms of encouraging my child to aim for academic and personal success.” — Gina Gregory, current family

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