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Ormao Dance Company


Building community by making dances. As a professional dance company, we inspire creativity, resilience and connection with performances, classes and community engagement. We love to perform and share the creative work of local and nationally recognized dance artists. We believe dance is for everyone and invite all to find joy in moving. Dance with us!


Dance develops creativity, collaboration, and resilience. With these skills, young dance students blossom into leaders. Adult dance students become more flexible in mind and body. Professional performances are wildly original — in venues from theaters to parking lots, computer screens to abandoned warehouses. Collaborating with artists, agencies and schools across the region, we build community!


Board Treasurer, 75 new chairs for Black Box Theater, new marley dance floor, and paint for walls. We always welcome new students in dance classes and audience members to enjoy live performance.

Did You Know

Dance breaks isolation and joins participants through community and artistry. With creative imagery, dance tells stories and sparks creativity.

“Skills I learned at Ormao have been integral in my ability to succeed. The beauty is not in knowing what the future holds, but in trusting you can handle whatever may come with the combination of grace and strength that dancers so uniquely embody.” — Taryn Hill, Ormao Dance Company alumni

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