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National Mill Dog Rescue


National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) is the leading organization in the country devoted to rescuing commercial breeding dogs (puppy mill dogs). Over the past 15 years, we have rescued over 17,000 dogs, and grown from a small group of dedicated volunteers to a well-respected, established organization. The support of our donors allows us to continue our mission, as we are almost 100% funded by individual donations.


Commercial breeding dogs (puppy mill dogs) are amongst the most vulnerable population of dogs in this country. We do what we do because we believe these dogs deserve our efforts. We do what we do because your support allows us to put our passion into action. We do what we do because we make a difference. We get out on the road once or twice a month and rescue, on average, 1,100 dogs a year.


We are in need of a sprinter van for rescues, a riding lawn mower, picnic tables or outside chairs and park benches, and volunteers to help groom walking trails.

Did You Know

NMDR is located in Peyton, right next door to Colorado Springs! We are fully funded by individual donations & small grants, so every dollar makes a difference.

“Great facility with loving staff. This place does amazing work. I can not say enough good about it and my short visit. I loved my visit with them and wish I lived closer so I could visit and help more.” — Leslie via Google review

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