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NAMI Colorado Springs


NAMI Colorado Springs creates and cultivates a welcoming community of peers who educate, support and advocate for people and families navigating mental health conditions. We offer various no-cost education programs and support groups in both in-person and virtual settings, and deliver resource and referral services 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. With volunteers and partners, we fight stigma and champion recovery.


One in five of us will experience a mental health disorder in a typical year. And the last few years have been anything but typical. COVID-19 has profoundly challenged people who have conditions such as schizophrenia and major depression, and created issues even for those without a history of illness. NAMI has responded with virtual support and new programs for vulnerable populations, always at no cost.


NAMI needs people living with mental health conditions, as well as family members, to lead support groups and to speak about their experiences in the community. All training costs are covered. In addition, NAMI is in need of iPads to use for checking people in at support sessions.

Did You Know

Last year, 96 percent of survey respondents agreed that NAMI’s Family-to-Family class better prepared them to manage crises related to symptoms of mental illness.

“It’s a different experience when someone is across the room from you, or in Zoom with you, and you recognize their problem. You recognize their pain. It is a really, really powerful thing that NAMI gives away for free.” — Family-to-Family volunteer

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