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Mile High Youth Corps


MHYC’s Land Conservation program gives youth the opportunity to serve on seasonal crews on a variety of conservation projects for 11-12 weeks in four major areas: trails, habitat restoration, park development, and fire mitigation. These services directly impact the rehabilitation, upkeep, and protection of Colorado’s public areas and parks ensuring they are intact for future generations.


MHYC aims to serve young people who are between the ages of 18 to 24 years old and are disconnected from school and work. The pandemic only increased the already growing number of opportunity youth in the U.S. and Colorado. In 2019 there were 55,400 opportunity youth in Colorado, with 8,400 of those in the Colorado Springs area according to Measure of America.


MHYC has the following needs: 1-3 members to join Southern Front Range Advisory Council, a retractable shade awning, a large picnic table and chairs, a large shop fan, 2 space heaters and a new or used refrigerator.

Did You Know

Chances are if you have hiked a trail in the Front Range region, Mile High Youth Corps has helped to maintain it at some point in our 30 year history.

“I met a ton of amazing people, participated in some intense trail building, and learned a lot more about myself and working with others.” — Ivy M., MHYC Corpsmember

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