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We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates


TRAIL LOVE! We advocate for, build and maintain trails throughout the Pikes Peak Region. If you ride mountain bikes or horses, hike or run on trails in parks in this region you have likely enjoyed our work first hand. We also promote positive trail etiquette for all users – our trail system capacity is greater when we share our trails. We build partnerships with land managers, businesses, organizations and individuals.


For 30+ years we have successfully completed trail projects city, county & state parks and on federally managed lands. With trail use increases projected to continue, this work has never been more important. Our trails positively impact the economy, community physical and mental health, environment and community engagement with the outdoors and support families, businesses, locals and visitors.


Volunteers for Trail Love volunteer workdays and social events. Crew leaders, trail project program managers, test riders, web and IT support. Also a work truck….

Did You Know

MWTA was created in 1991 by mountain bikers who saw the power of Trails to heal the human spirit. They established collaborative ways to heal the trails in return!

“Mountain biking gives the gift of strong connection with nature - a short ride from home fulfills this need. For thirty years Medicine Wheel has guided and preserved our good relationship with nature and our community through trail maintenance and advocacy and friendly conduct on the trail.” — Brian Gravestock, original founding member of Medicine Wheel

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