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Manitou Art Center


The Manitou Art Center is a safe space for creativity and the do-it-yourself community.
Supporting all forms of creative expression, we invite all ages to the table and encourage
invention by offering low-risk opportunities through our studios and makerspaces. The MAC
enhances the uniqueness of Manitou Springs and encourages others to invest in our city as a
destination for the arts.


With over 600 members, 85 monthly programs, 18 unique art openings annually, 24 businesses, and the temporary home of the Manitou Springs Library, the MAC is dedicated to offering equitable space and resources to artists, tinkerers, collaborators and you, creating an environment where all can flourish in our community.


The MAC would like to expand its metal shop to include a CNC machine and other equipment outside of grinders and welders. We have the space, ventilation, and instructors.

Did You Know

Did you know that the Manitou Art Center is the largest makerspace in Colorado?

“I grew up here and it finally feels like the Manitou Art Center is everything that it always wanted to be.” — Riley, 22

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