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Make It A Home


Make It A Home uses mostly donated and thrifted items to furnish living spaces for families coming out of extreme circumstances. With minimal funds, we create beautiful and personalized spaces that allow families to heal and thrive. We help tentatively stable families become permanently stable families through the extra layer of a comfortable and functional living space. MiAH takes donations and creates joy and hope.


Many families can afford rent and food but not much else. Sometimes parents leave dangerous circumstances with only their children and clothing. Those who escape human trafficking may not own anything beyond personal hygiene items. MiAH is the only organization in our city to use mostly donated and thrifted items to fully furnish and decorate spaces, making them move-in ready. MiAH brings practical help plus joy!


We need volunteers to help with moving furniture/installing decor, financial sponsors for individual client projects, warehouse space for increased storage and a box truck for moving items.

Did You Know

Americans produce 15.6 million tons of furniture and carpet waste each year, with 80% of it going to landfills. MiAH takes what might be discarded and helps others.

“Recently, Make It A Home worked with me and my family to make our very first place of our own a home. I cannot say enough amazing things about these kind men and women. Thank you to MIAH and all its volunteers. This is life-changing!” — Anonymous client who came "home" out of homelessness

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