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Inside Out Youth Services


Inside Out offers life-saving community support and resources to LGBTQIA2+ young people, ages 13-24, in the Pikes Peak region. We do this through our physical and online community center, evidence-based programming in life skills training and comprehensive sexual education, community trainings, advocacy, policy work, community-building events and opportunities, family support, and much more.


Inside Out celebrates and builds queer joy within our community, which is vital to the young people we serve. LGBTQIA2+ youth are at higher risk for substance use, violence, bullying, suicide, and other negative health outcomes, and we know that a single trusted adult in their lives can make a difference. These youth may not always feel safe at home or school, so it’s imperative we offer them safety and affirmation.


We are seeking a treasurer and a lawyer for our board. Due to the increase in youth being served, a large, accessible transport van is needed. Finally, we need a printing service for brochures and flyers.

Did You Know

90-100% of youth reported improvement in their mental health and quality of life after participating in Inside Out Youth Services’ programs.

“Inside Out is very inclusive, and everyone here is lovely, very accepting of who you are and where you come from. It's a safe space. I think a lot of people bond over what they've been through and who they are, and a lot of times we don't have that.” — Faith (she/her), 19

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