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Imagination Celebration


We make imagination part of everyday learning by awakening creativity, curiosity and courage in children and adults. We inspire a love of learning through creative engagement via our What IF…Festival of Innovation and Imagination, Imagination Space, Kaleidoscope Dance, Dragon Theatre, School Theater, CACTUS (serving active military, veterans and their families), and The Portals project connecting us to the world!


This world is a challenging place! Imagination matters more than ever! Through our initiatives, adults re-engage their curiosity and remember the joy of meaningful play; children explore the creative process and grow a love of learning; teens find their voice and a passion that translates into life skills; and “makers” experience healing. We instigate creativity and empower possibilities-helping folks move forward.


Videographer, archivist, creative educators for workshops, a volunteer coordinator, and an Imagination Celebration van or art car.

Did You Know

During COVID, people chose creativity for comfort and mental health. In Pre-K, 84% of kids rank high in creativity. Only 10% rank high by Grade 2.

“Our entire family LOVES the What IF...Festival! From the elders in our family down to the youngsters, we learn so much about ourselves, about creativity and about our community. So much FUN! We plan our life around this event.” — Military husband and wife with children ages 7-18

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