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Hillside Connection


Since 2017 Hillside Connection has served over 500 youth boys and girls [grades 1st – 8th] in Southern Colorado Springs. Our five-tiered approach towards youth development includes: basketball clinics, enrichment activities, community engagement, competitive leagues, and academic support. All programming is provided free of charge!


Sports are a powerful medium that bring people together. At H.C., we have a front row seat to that very thing. At our basketball clinics, summer league games, and community engagement events, we see kids, parents, neighbors, volunteers, and businesses coming together to support each other. Youth participants receive great coaching and mentorship from community leaders.


Hillside Connection is currently recruiting program volunteers and board members.

Did You Know

Just 27.5% of children from homes making under $25,000 a year will regularly participate in sport, compared to 45.5% of children from families with greater incomes.

“Any time our community is able to come together and really focus on our next generation of leaders, we need to be intentional and thoughtful about the delivery of that program and that is exactly what Hillside Connection is doing.” — Audrey Shaw

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