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Harley's Hope


Adoption is only the first step in what should be a lifelong journey between companion animal and human. Yet, all too often life throws up roadblocks that threaten the journey. Harley’s Hope is there to assist during challenging times with a variety of support services designed to keep pets and people together including help with major veterinary expenses, emergency foster care/boarding, pet food support, and more.


The love an animal gives is unconditional and while a person may want to return that love unconditionally, sometimes life gets in the way. Be it financial constraints, healthcare issues, or other challenges, many reasons exist that can threaten an animal’s place in the home or his/her very survival. Harley’s Hope is dedicated to preserving the human-animal bond, saving thousands of pet lives over the last 12 years.


Enclosed trailer to store and transport pet food, donated pet food, especially dry and canned dog food and cat litter, emergency foster homes for dogs & cats.

Did You Know

Did you know that pet parents on average have less need to visit the doctor than non-pet parents? Having a companion animal in the home is good for your health!

“Thank you so much for giving Cutie Pie a chance at a long and happy life! God bless you and what you do!” — Dani S. who received help from Harley's Hope with unexpected surgical costs

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