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Happy Cats Haven


Thousands of Pikes Peak area cats and kittens find themselves scared, alone and homeless every year. Each one has a story to tell. Each family looking for a new cat to love has their own special story, too. We listen carefully to those stories of abandonment & fear, of recovery & hope. We offer cats and people all the time they need at our cozy, cat-friendly Haven to turn them into stories full of purrs and love.


We speak fluent cat at Happy Cats and love learning what they have to teach us. Abandoned cats need feline friendly handling to recover and become their best selves. From the moment they are rescued, we treat them with respect and gentle care to make their stay as fear free as possible. That care nurtures volunteers too, who receive as much loving kitty therapy through volunteering as they give our cats and kittens.


Volunteers to foster adult cats, help cleaning the facility, personnel to work adoptions & staff events; donations for high quality vet care; office/cleaning supplies & gift cards to purchase cat food on Amazon and Costco & King Soopers.

Did You Know

We rescue, recover, and adopt as many higher-risk adult, senior & special needs cats as we do our adorable kittens, giving them all an equal chance at a happy life.

“Wonderful staff, amazing volunteers. Everyone cares about the well-being of the cats with all of their hearts. The facility is extremely nice as well!” — Nikita Rose

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