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We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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Happy Cats Haven


Thousands of cats and kittens go homeless in the Pikes Peak region each year. They are surrendered by guardians unable to care for them, or abandoned outside, ill-equipped to survive life on the streets as a community cat. Last year, our hardship surrenders increased over 100%. We are committed to solving feline homelessness, whether it’s saving cats or facilitating spays/neuters for both inside and outside ones.


We support cats and our community that loves them. Shelter cats are traumatized cats. We give them the time and behavioral support they need to recover back to their true selves. Our classes and online resources help keep our adopters happy too, equipping them with the skills needed to solve any future problems. Cats can live 15-20 years and we help them roll with all the changes they and their families will face.


Volunteers to foster adult cats, do adoptions, help clean & staff events; donations for high quality vet care; office/cleaning supplies & cat food through Amazon, Costco & King Soopers gift cards.

Did You Know

In 2020, we kept 120+ vulnerable adult cats in their homes, providing behavior support post-adoption. We commit to the belief that It’s Not a Save until They Stay!

“I love how they educate and care so much about their cats! It feels like the cats are coming from one home (Happy Cats Haven) to my home! I definitely recommend them!” — Lauren Hendriks

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