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Here you will find the outcomes and participants in the 2021 Give! Campaign while we prepare for the 2022 Give! Campaign to go live in November. For now, check out the Give! Class of 2022

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Friends of the Equestrian Skills Course


Horses play a key role in our region’s history and heritage. We help make our busy trails safer by educating all trail users on proper trail etiquette and providing a one-of-a-kind free training area for all levels of horses and riders: from families with kids to our wounded veterans and everyone in between. It is the only course in the U.S. in a public park with natural obstacles and three levels of difficulty.


This is the only course like this in the country! Horses and riders have a free dedicated place to practice critical skills to use on our busy multi-use trails. Better-prepared horses and riders make better stewards of our trails. A regional trail passes through the course, encouraging interaction among all trail users. Our group designs, funds, builds and maintains this gem in Bear Creek Regional Park East.


Funds are for materials to continue building the course and creating educational signage. We also need board members, on- and off-course volunteers, food and drinks for our monthly workdays.

Did You Know

The course is utilized by individuals, families, riding clubs, drill teams, Fort Carson Mounted Patrol and StableStrides who provide equine therapy services.

“The Equestrian Skills Course is a huge asset to the Colorado Springs community! Being next to Norris Penrose and in Bear Creek Park, it’s an amazing amenity for anyone to build trust, new experiences and heightened skills with their horse.” — Chester DeAngelis - Equine Specialist in Mental Health

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