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Food to Power (formerly Colorado Springs Food Rescue)


Food to Power is working to empower SE Colorado Springs residents using food as the medium. This takes many forms, whether it be providing fresh food at no cost to our neighbors, helping local residents compost their food scraps, producing fresh and affordable produce for neighbors, or providing educational opportunities for local community members through our FLY internship, educational workshops, and more.


In Colorado Springs, there is a 16 year difference in life expectancy depending on which neighborhood someone lives in. There are many contributing factors, including a lack of access to healthy, fresh, and affordable food. Food to Power empowers local neighbors by helping them access fresh food, grow their own produce, learn how to cook with it, and reap the long-term benefits of healthier eating.


Food to Power is in need of appliances for the Hillside Hub, including but not limited to: a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, as well as additional refrigeration units.

Did You Know

In the Hillside Neighborhood, approximately ⅓ of neighborhood residents do not have access to a vehicle, and the nearest grocery store in a 3 mile radius is a 7/11.

“You have provided the means for residents to have consistent access to high quality, healthful foods. In its absence, consistency would not exist and several nutrient-poor diets amongst the locals would become poorer, leading to a reduction in health” — Brian Kates, Meadows Park Community Center

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