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Educating Children of Color


ECOC makes meaningful impacts on youth and provides educational and leadership opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. We fund higher education scholarships and give laptops to youth who attend our Summit on 1/14/2023. The Summit provides programming for professionals who interact with youth to address their implicit biases to increase positive outcomes for youth in education, child welfare, and juvenile justice.


Children of color, particularly Black children, are more likely to live in poverty, have negative outcomes in the school system and the child welfare system, and be overrepresented in the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems than their white peers. ECOC’s goal is to eliminate these disparate outcomes for children of color and children in poverty and provide opportunities through education.


ECOC needs a paid executive director to oversee our primary programs – Summit, Leadership Academy, higher education scholarships for youth, Diversity University – as well as reading and math tutors.

Did You Know

Over 90% of Diversity University attendees said they would use information learned to address implicit bias in their personal lives and 100% created growth plans.

“Diversity University was a powerful and emotional journey. It challenged the unconscious biases we each have and reminds us to not believe everything we think. It taught us to put egos aside and start a journey of learning to love beyond ourselves.” — Sgt. Jason Newton, Colorado Springs Police Department

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