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Downtown Ventures


Downtown Ventures uses public art and innovative public benefit programs to support small business and enliven the heart of our city. We make our city center welcoming and inspiring for all with thought-provoking sculptures and murals, walking tours, Skate in the Park, First Fridays, and so much more. The Springs does better when it has a strong Downtown, and our programs benefit artists, entrepreneurs and residents regionwide.


Cities with thriving downtowns see better outcomes for every neighborhood’s economic vitality, cultural vibrancy and civic engagement. For 24 years, Downtown Ventures programs have helped people from all walks of life get active, connected and invested in the place they call home. Our diverse and accessible public art and performances, guided tours, ice skating, and educational events serve all ages and abilities.


Volunteer public art hosts/guides and treats/prizes for Public Art scavenger hunt; pro bono equipment loans: scaffolding, trailer, bucket truck, forklift; short-term housing for visiting artists.

Did You Know

95% of Pikes Peak Region residents say they’d like to see more public art in Colorado Springs. We help make that happen for Downtown—and neighborhoods regionwide!

“Have I told you lately that I wouldn't be able to live anywhere else, because our Downtown is so awesome? Seriously, your organization works so hard to support our local businesses. You are doing work that is helping us thrive, right now and always.” — Heather Briggs, Gold Star Pies

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