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DIP Crusaders


We offer unique personal development experiences that prepares individuals to achieve the highest level of success. We meet the diverse needs of the community by offering a wide range of basketball programs. We take pride in being role models in our community aiming to remove social, cultural, economic, and political barriers to promote healthy lifestyles and togetherness in all age and ability groups.


For over 40 years we have been privileged to witness firsthand the positive impact made on young people’s lives, using basketball as our tool for personal development and mentorship. Our holistic approach allows individuals to grow in ways far beyond the basketball court, as a result producing great leaders, stronger communities, families, and friendships.


30 indoor leather basketballs sized 29.5; minibus with a minimum of 15 seats; long term accommodation for 15 players; long term facility partnership for daily basketball practices

Did You Know

We’re privileged to have coached 100+ local players since launching our community programs this year with multiple former Crusaders playing professionally worldwide!

“I couldn't have imagined the impact the Crusaders would have on my life. The exceptional level of coaching, the inclusiveness of everyone involved and the friendly competitive atmosphere was exactly what I needed.” — Dean Smith - Former Crusaders Youth Player

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