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Cripple Creek Donkeys


Once the Donkeys were released from the mines in the early 1920s, the Two Mile High Club was formed to take care of the roaming herd. Our mission to ensure the safety, feed, shelter, and medical care started back in 1931. Our all volunteer team and club operate on 100% donations to care for the herd. The donkeys not only contributed to the building of the Cripple Creek area, they helped build the Pike Peak region.


The Two Mile High Club operates 100% on volunteers and donations. Food, care, shelter and medical bills are monthly expenses. We have to attend to the herd 365 days of the year and we are on 24 hour call. Our volunteers are compassionate and dedicated to ensure that the best of care is always at the forefront of our fundraising efforts. We have been taking care of the Cripple Creek Donkeys since 1931.


Last year we raised funds to build a hay barn for storage of large bales. Our goal this year is to get our own tractor to load and unload the bales for feeding.

Did You Know

When Teddy Roosevelt visited the Cripple Creek District in the early 1900’s, he demanded that the donkeys be brought up out of the mines to get exposure to sunlight.

“Your club provides such loving care for the Donkeys and we appreciate your team so much. It means so much to have the history of the area continue with this special club. Thank you.” — Daniel C. and Brenda Moore

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