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Court Care for the Pikes Peak Region


Court Care provides free childcare for anyone who has court-related business in the Pikes Peak Region. Children are welcomed into a nurturing, safe space away from potentially traumatic courtroom proceedings (e.g., domestic violence, divorce, rape, child custody, etc.). Struggling parents are able to speak with dignity and participate in legal matters without children seeing, hearing, or possibly distracting them


Court Care insulates and protects children from traumatic testimony graphically reiterated in courtrooms every day. Without Court Care, children would attend court hearings, probation meetings, mandated drug treatment programs, or observe other matters that are simply inappropriate. Vulnerable children would be exposed to conflicts that could change the way they see family members and authority figures forever.


Court Care welcomes donations of gently used children’s books suitable for ages 6 months to 14 years, washable art supplies, construction paper, diapers/pull-ups (all sizes), baby wipes.

Did You Know

Since its founding in 2003, Court Care has welcomed 70,000 children to the program. More than 1,800 children will attend Court Care in 2022.

“From the look on my face, staff knew that I was hesitant to leave my son. A warm, gracious greeting welcomed us. Before I could complete paperwork, my son joined the teacher, went into the classroom, and started playing. I was so relieved.” — A young mother who was a victim of domestic violence.

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