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Community Cupboard


As the needs of families and individuals have grown in the state of Colorado, the needs of our community have grown as well. Our community members are facing hard decisions, having to choose between gas, rent, medicine or food. We want to alleviate the problem of putting food on the table so that these families can pay for other necessities.


We are here for the senior walking up the street pulling a wagon for food for herself and granddaughter.
We are here for the senior that just can’t make ends meet without our help.
We are here for the child clapping, “Mom, we have food!”
We are here for the parents that realize their family is fed with our help.


We need a computer/videographer to train our staff, a 20X20 climate controlled garage for food storage, a gate so the seniors from our neighbors can easily access our facility and help with our vegetable beds.

Did You Know

It is estimated that 1 in 7 families are experiencing food and other hardships. Community Cupboard has been serving since 1978. Volunteers and community support are what makes us all great. we intend to keep serving for another 47 years.

“Today your smile and generosity made it a good day.” — Anonymous Client

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