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We are so excited to welcome our NEW Executive Director, Courtney Deuser, on June 1st!

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Careers in Construction Colorado


Through partnerships with educational entities and other organizations, establish and maintain vocational education courses and programs focused on skills training for the various trades within the construction industry, to promote the benefits of career opportunities in the construction industry to students, parents, influencers, and educators, and develop effective job placement platforms to connect students to industry.


Because students deserve choices. In 2016 on average, a college graduate had $37,000 in debt. Many students who graduate from college are not equipped with the skills required in the economy. A National Skills Coalition study stated only 43% of the current labor force are suitable for the 53% of job openings that are “middle-skill” and require less than a four-year degree but more than a high school education.


Construction materials are always a welcome donation. We also invite trade-people to volunteer with our students.

Did You Know

There are currently 175,000 individuals in the construction workforce in Colorado, and by 2027, the workforce needs to grow to 220,000 workers.

“Hasan Nailor is an 18-year-old CICC graduate from the 2019-2020 school year who also reconnected with the CICC staff for assistance with job placement. You can watch a video of Hasan's success story here.” — CICC

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