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Ballet Folklorico de Barajas


The Mission of Ballet Folklorico de Barajas is to share the art of traditional Mexican folklorico dance with individuals in the community. Our principal programs include dance classes and performances. We strive to share the art of traditional Mexican dance in the community, while preserving this unique form of dance.


This part of the country has a special connection to people of Mexican heritage, as areas in Southern Colorado were once a part of Mexico. For the Barajas family, whose ancestors immigrated to Colorado from Mexico in the early 1900’s, the continuation of Mexican Folklorico dance through dance instruction and performing, instills pride in sharing the beauty of our culture and honors our ancestors who came before us.


This funding will allow us to engage in dance workshops, performance opportunities in Colorado Springs and beyond, and will help us continue adding new regions of dance to our program.

Did You Know

Ballet Folklorico de Barajas has opened the possibility for many first, second, and third -generation immigrant families to know, rescue, and embrace their heritage.

“My child has always struggled with depression. Dancing with Ballet Folklorico de Barajas has made a big difference. They now have friends from dance, feel more confident and happy. This is more than just a dance group. It is our community.” — Parent of Dance Student

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