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Ahavah Community Initiative


ACI assists those experiencing food insecurity by providing access to locally farmed, regeneratively grown produce via donated memberships to Ahavah Farm’s CSA program. Memberships include weekly veggies, discounted farm tours, classes and events centered around healthy living and environmental consciousness. Recipient families become part of our community, attending classes and, in some cases, becoming volunteers.


Our donated CSA memberships are differentiated from food banks in that we are providing fresh produce that’s regeneratively grown, full of nutrition and no preservatives. But, that’s just one element of giving a hand up to those experiencing food insecurity. Our classes in food preparation, health/wellness, and children’s classes, enable recipients to learn how to cook healthy and rely less on processed foods.


We need volunteers, specifically in the fall and winter seasons, to assist with bagging/distributing CSA shares, as well as with gardening, compost, and outreach projects.

Did You Know

In 2021, through the Give! Campaign and other donations, we donated 93 CSA memberships to families who needed it most. That’s over $30,000 of pure, regeneratively grown vegetables!

“The CSA shares from Ahavah Community Initiative have been one of the biggest blessings in the lives of my children.” — Rebecca S.

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